Are You Spending Money on What Matters?

If you have the ability to choose proper food without reallocating your budget, that’s great. But if you’re buying cheap food to spend money elsewhere, that needs to change. There’s no point in trying to sugar coat the delivery of that message. It can be a hard reality to face when so much cheap food is available, and there are so many other expenses to cover. But spending money on high quality food is non-negotiable.

If you don’t spend the money now, you will pay for it later with poor health and medical expenses. In fact, investing in high quality food on a regular basis can not only save your health, but also save you a significant amount of money in the long run. Investing in your health now can help you avoid the cost of medical facilities for issues that are often preventable and costly to treat.

“If you are diagnosed with cancer, you have two battles ahead of you: to get well and to stay solvent.”

Cancer is only one example, but it’s a very common one. Clearly the cost of care will vary according to your unique challenge, treatment choices, where you live and what type of insurance you have. But how much can any one person truly afford to pay when faced with bills in the hundreds of thousands of dollars? Given that most people will also lose their ability to earn an income when confronted with a significant health crisis, the consideration is nothing short of terrifying!

In my home, our biggest monthly expenditure is almost always for food, depending on how many family members are home. This varies greatly from week to week and month to month, depending on what my kids are up to. But regardless of how many mouths are being fed, having food at the top of our budget aligns perfectly with my number one priority of health.

Housing and transportation are secondary expenses for us. And while that means that our house is on the small side and could benefit from some updating, it is an inviting, cozy, functional home filled with love.

You CAN align your spending with your true priorities. It may take time, but it will be worth it! I know, I’ve been there and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself, and for my family. Don’t let anyone else decide your priorities for you. Your health is an investment that is worth every moment and penny spent and will serve you all the days of your life.


Is Your Health Vision Big Enough?

     I find our societal views of what it means to be healthy, to be too simplistic. These views overlook many essential aspects of health and limit our idea of what is possible. It’s difficult for me to even express how inadequate our idea of healing is.

     When I first began my own healing journey, after making a commitment to find my way back to health in December of 2000, I focused primarily on my physical health. The quality of my sleep was abysmal, due to physical pain and severe muscle spasms, so I invested in a new mattress. I increased my physical activity, experimented with various types of bodywork (massage, chiropractic, myofascial release, etc.), and began a supplementation regimen to calm my muscles, soothe my digestive system and address my anxiety.

As I began to improve, I was further inspired to look at what I was eating and what types of chemicals I was exposing myself to in my personal care products. That morphed into considering how my home and work environments were either supporting or hindering my ability to heal and achieve wellness. I switched to non-toxic cleaning products, as well as paints, floor finishes, etc., for our home improvement projects. I changed light bulbs, bedding and made our home into a soothing, calming, healthy space, little by little.

     Addressing my mental, emotional and spiritual health came much later. I just didn’t understand in those early years of healing, how critical this aspect of my health was. Since then, I’ve worked on reprogramming my unconscious beliefs to allow my thoughts to be more positive, which is a huge improvement over immediately imagining the worst-case scenario. I’ve released old emotional traumas and have been able to see how the behavioral patterns created by those experiences shaped my life, often in ways that were not ideal. Breaking those vicious cycles has been SO freeing and has expanded my ability to experience health in ways I could never have imagined. Addressing these areas of my life is now an integral part of constantly maintaining and expanding my health.

If you’ve ever played or watched someone play a video game, what you see at the beginning of the game is only a snapshot of everything that will take place as it progresses. I’m referring to older video games and am not sure this applies to newer games, but games like Super Mario had different levels. Each level was a different series of obstacles that required different tactics in order to progress to the next level, often increasing in difficulty with each level.

     Healing and achieving true health are similar. My first level was dealing with physical pain, daily digestive discomfort and anxiety. Addressing those issues allowed me to move on to the next level, where I had to change my daily choices to move on to the next level of healing. Throughout my journey, integrating multiple facets of healing kept me in constant forward motion, revealing new aspects that needed my attention for the momentum to continue.

When I started out, I didn’t know that I had all these issues to sort through. That only became clear as I kept making improvements and advancing my health. And I had no idea that I could achieve what I have with my health by being open to learning that my mental, emotional and spiritual health would dramatically impact my physical health.

     I don’t know how many levels I’ve moved through, or how many levels remain ahead. I’m not sure there is a cap on what I can achieve. I do know that I am constantly expanding my health, my happiness, my satisfaction with my life, and my concept of what is possible, by staying in the game.

I invite you to deeply consider your health, how it’s connected to every aspect of your life and what you might be overlooking. You may be limiting the possibilities of what you can achieve by playing small and overlooking areas that could bring you to the next level. There could be magic, satisfaction and joy just ahead that you may not even have dared to dream could be yours.

Life moves fast and it’s easy to be swept into the chaos and stress of the American lifestyle. But you deserve better. And you are the only one who can choose a different path and continue taking steps to find the magic behind each bend in the road.

I still have obstacles to overcome, some that I have no idea how to address. But I know that the answers will come as long as I stay open to receiving guidance and taking action when something feels right for me.

I know that you are capable of great things and that there is a part of you that longs for more. Most of us were taught to suppress our dreams, to be “realistic” and “responsible” instead, but those who dare to dream are the ones who move us all forward.

It’s time to progress to the next level of the game, unleash the dreamer within, and develop the health you need to make those dreams possible.

How to Stay Healthy through the Last Bits of Winter

Protect yourself from getting rundown, and possibly very sick, during this extra challenging time of the year.

A New Look!

A New Look!

I launched Design Your Healthy Life in late 2015. As soon as my first website was up and running, I knew I would quickly outgrow it. In all honesty, I was never completely happy with it. But you have to start somewhere!

You’re likely aware that I spent more than two decades of my life struggling with poor health. I’ve been committed to my health since 2000, and I’ve been able to create a level of wellness and vitality that I didn’t even know was possible at the beginning of my journey.

I’m able to live my life fully now, with purpose and passion, and that’s exactly what YOU deserve too!

So many people are struggling with health challenges and diseases. And the greatest tragedy of all is that many of these issues are preventable. We create them with our unhealthy lifestyles, and not by choice, but because we often don’t know better or we aren’t aware of the full risks of our choices. And to top it off, many people who think they’re making healthy choices are still at risk from what they don’t know they don’t know!

My mission is to change the way you take care of yourself, to reveal all the areas that need your attention, and provide you with amazing support so that you can create a comprehensively holistic and healthy lifestyle. When you prioritize wellness and give your body the attention it deserves, your health will soar. And so will your aspirations and abilities, allowing you to live the life of your dreams!

It’s so easy to get swept along with the day to day busyness and craziness of the world we live in. You must be intentional, educated, and choose wisely to create a different path of wellness and vitality.

The new look of Design Your Healthy Life is more aligned with my passion and mission. My new logo has a softer, more gentle color scheme, which is a better representation of the importance of being kind to ourselves. We have only one body and we are the only ones who can care for it properly. The addition of the mandala represents the search for completeness and self-unity, our journey through life, and our connection to the universe. And the shimmery colors are a reminder that light is everywhere, offering a constant source of beauty and personal power. And the website has been fully updated as well. When you have a moment, have a look around!

Given the seriousness of poor health, a new look seems trivial in comparison. I have so much more than that to share with you! I’ve been hard at work for months now, redesigning my services. As soon as those are ready, you’ll be the first to know.

For now, know that I am always here for you and encourage you to reach out anytime you need something. If I can’t help you, I often know who or what can. When I first started on my journey, it was a very lonely path. A guide or friend traveling the same path would have been a godsend. It would be an honor for me to be that person for you.

What Drives Your Healthy Choices?

What Drives Your Healthy Choices?

We all know that health is important. But being truly health is MUCH more complicated than we’ve been led to believe, especially with an ever-increasing number of threats to our health such as toxins, EMF’s, stress, etc.

Being healthy is not a passive process or just an absence of disease or illness. We must choose to be healthy and be highly intentional about consistently making choices that create and enhance our health. Education and effort are key.

But you also have to know YOUR “why” for being conscious, intentional and selective to stay motivated and on track. Without this understanding and constant drive, it’s easy to slip into default mode and choose what is easy, which more often than not, means unhealthy.

When you go into default mode, you fall in with the majority, who pay dearly for their lack of attention by losing their health, quality of life and all too often, their lives. It may sound like I’m being overly dramatic, but this is our current reality. And I highly doubt you’ve been spared the suffering of losing a loved one to a fatal illness, so I’m sure you can easily relate to what I’m drawing attention to.

You need to stop living in fear that you’ll be the next victim and take control of your own health destiny. You can’t control everything, but you can control more than you’re likely aware of. And you are the only one who can properly care for YOUR body.

My initial “why” was to be able to enjoy the greatest desire of my life – being a mom. Committing to and recovering my health is still the best thing I have ever done for myself. And enjoying my children has brought me indescribable fulfillment and joy.

While my children are young adults now, I’m still motivated to protect my health for them. This is partly so I can continue to witness the unfolding of their lives, but also because they need my continuous support. They are amazing individuals, and I have no doubt that they are now fully capable of managing on their own. But having a family that has their backs allows them greater freedom to explore who they are and experiment with different paths. I hope that will translate to them having incredibly fulfilling and happy lives, rather than having to choose the mediocrity that is sometimes necessary for survival.

My “why” has grown over time. It has brought me a purpose-driven career that I’m deeply passionate about. It has fueled an insatiable desire to be the best version of myself possible. And it’s opened my mind to the possibilities of what life can offer. My bucket list grows longer by the day!

I believe that life is a gift, and recovering and expanding my health and my idea of what health is, has changed my life in ways I could never have imagined. Now I can see AND participate in all the opportunities the world has to offer, in ways that weren’t possible before.

I believe we all have a unique purpose to fulfill if we’re willing to see and accept it. And I know, with absolute certainty, that we can only live our best lives when we have the health to take us there.

What’s your “why”? Consider it deeply and make it crystal clear in your mind. And then make healthy choices from that magical place.

I know that discovering your “why” can be very personal. But if you are willing to share it, I’d love to hear it. Hit reply and let me know.