“I need inspiration, knowledge and resources to get well and to create along term plan to stay that way.”



You are searching for comprehensive information and resources that are easy to access so you can figure out how to get well and stay that way. Your time and energy are limited, so you need knowledge and resources in one place and without any hype.


Who you are

You have health challenges and are unsure of how to regain your health and vitality. You’ve tried conventional approaches and may even be doing some things correctly,like eating better and exercising. But, you know something is missing and you need more information and resources to really identify what your healing needs are. You also need a plan to make those changes incrementally, slowly developing new habits that are sustainable for achieving and maintaining long term wellness. You are motivated and ready to go, but don’t know where to get reliable information and resources you can depend on.


What your issues tend to be

You are frustrated because you do not feel your best and it is affecting your quality of life. In addition, when you share your frustrations with others they often feel that you are being overly dramatic because they can’t “see” anything wrong with you. Well-intentioned but misinformed advice comes your way frequently and isn’t much help. A vacation, more intense exercise, more sleep, etc. all sound wonderful, but you have a sense those things won’t be enough to fix what ails you. Trying to sort through all the health books, blogs and websites requires more time and energy than you haveand makes your head spin. There is so much information out there and the advice of one source often conflicts the advice of another source. So, you don’t know who to trust or where to turn. Sometimes you wish you could just hand the problem over to someone else and have the right solutions magically appear! Better yet, you’d love to send your body out to be healed and get it back all fixed. But since you really want to get well and understand how to stay that way, you know you have to do the work yourself. In addition, you really do want to understand what it means to be really healthy,so you canachieve it and know how to maintain it as well.


What you need most right now

Your focus needs to be on developing a healthy living protocol that is customized for your body, environment and lifestyle, one that can be adjusted for seasonal changes, exposure to stress and your body’s fluctuating needs. It is all about getting connected to your body, understanding what creates and sustains health and how to put it all together in a way that best supports you. It is also imperative that you create sustainable habits, so you can free up your energy and time to enjoy your life and that strong, healthy body that you create!

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