My Trip to the Philippines

July 6th, 2018
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I promised I’d share details about my recent trip to the Philippines. And because I’m obsessed with health – mine and yours – I’ll share how I fared and some lessons I learned.


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One response to “My Trip to the Philippines”

  1. Carolyn Howe says:

    Thanks for this video and thoughts on remembering to be grateful for what I have. I’ve spent a lot of time in very poor communities in Mexico and I’m always humbled by how generous people are with the little they have. One woman made coffee for a group of eight people from the U.S., although the coffee was a real delicacy and expensive. Of course, even though we knew the water came from a well with not-clean water, we couldn’t refuse this woman’s generosity. In another community ambasket weaver gave 19 American students little woven “finger catchers”, even though he could have sold them at the market a two-hour bus ride away and bought a little fruit for his family of seven children who live in a one-room round stick and grass hut and survive on two tortillas a day with a little lime juice. Ma y times I’ve found that people with almost nothing find great joy in being generous to people who have come to visit them and treat them with dignity. When our group has been able to help the local people financially or with projects (like building latrines) it is clear that we were the recipients of the greatest gift.

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