"I have worked with Elaine for over 2 years, and been amazed and impressed with her commitment to be of highest service to her clients. Her willingness to push her own comfort zone serves as an example for her clients to do the same, and every time I talk with Elaine, she shows up 100%, fully present, and focused on creating awesome results…always with an open heart and a smile on her face. She is warm, committed, playful, and really knows how to use her expertise for positive outcomes. She continually invests in herself as a business owner, so she can be the best leader possible…her clients are so lucky to have her! It’s clear that Elaine loves her business and will continue to set an example for others of what it means to do meaningful work that you love. I highly recommend working with Elaine!"

Niki Rubinger

“My cholesterol was high and I wanted an alternative to taking prescription meds. Elaine is very knowledgeable and her advice invaluable. I feel better than I have in a long time. Being a middle aged woman does not have to be miserable.”


“Elaine is extremely knowledgeable about what’s needed to keep us in balance and is keenly aware of what causes disharmony in the body.”


“Elaine has helped me in so many ways over the years. She is truly amazing and I highly recommend her!”


“Elaine is not only a dedicated healer but an effective educator who leads you to an appreciation of the non-linear workings of our miraculous whole bodies.”


“I’m always amazed at how completely she understands human anatomy & the delicate balance our bodies are designed to be in. Don’t wait another day…life is short…get well & enjoy every day!!”


”Elaine is caring and very knowledgeable person when it comes to your health and how our bodies work.”


“She helps with my health and also gives fantastic nutritional advice you cannot find anywhere else! I have more trust with her than I do with my own doctor.”


“Replenish & restore your body’s natural ability to heal itself with guidance from Elaine. “


”Elaine is clearly knowledgeable about what she does, and is a deeply compassionate, caring person. I am so glad to have her support.”


”My experience with Elaine was outstanding. She was able to break down complicated concepts to make them understandable.”


”This type of whole-body approach is unparalleled in the process of exposing underlying physical issues and Elaine is extremely well versed in the topic of healthy, especially as it pertains to nutrition.”


“I’m so excited to heal my body without prescribed medications that have way too many side effects.”

K B.

”Elaine is just fantastic! She has an incredible depth of knowledge on how the human body works. The general public (like me) is so entrenched in traditional insurance driven medicine; it is fantastic to have someone who really cares about me. I feel better than ever.”


”Elaine wants you to live your best life and be in control of having your body work as it’s made to do so. You can feel the passion she has for healthy living! I am so thankful for her!!!!!”


Elaine knows her stuff. She is a true healer.”


“I am soooo glad I have found someone that knows what is really going on with how the body works. Elaine really knows her stuff.”


“Elaine’s work is exceptional and I give her my highest recommendation!!!”


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