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Since 2004, I’ve helped thousands of people reclaim their health as well as implement a lifestyle that makes them feel great and able to pursue their goals and dreams.

It all started with my own commitment to find wellness. healthy lifestyle

Holistic & Healthy Lifestyle

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of your Emotions

I was raised in a home where the phrase “if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all” was repeated with great frequency. While I’m sure that it was helpful for keeping a peaceful atmosphere among a family of eight, it did little to model,...

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Stress & Self-Care

When major stress comes on fast and hard, self-care is often the first thing that gets dropped. Our bodies’ stress response maximizes our ability to think quickly and move fast, as stress was often a life-threatening and immediate need as humans came into being. It...

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A Scary Reminder…

I’ve never felt that my health is unshakable. I get sick with colds and flus from time to time like everyone else, which is a natural, unavoidable part of having a healthy immune system that is constantly expanding its knowledge and defenses against the multitude of...

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The Truth at Last: Round Up Can Cause Cancer

 Long before my personal holistic healing journey began, and prior to being a holistic practitioner, I was already wary of chemicals. This seemed to be an intuitive, common sense inquisitiveness rather than something I learned. When I was pregnant with my first son...

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Come See Inside My Fridge!

Anytime I am making changes in my life I find it helpful to have examples to get my brain thinking of the possibilities. So I'd like to invite you to see inside my fridge, hoping you'll find some inspiration for what to have on hand and prepare for yourself.  

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