I launched Design Your Healthy Life in late 2015. As soon as my first website was up and running, I knew I would quickly outgrow it. In all honesty, I was never completely happy with it. But you have to start somewhere!

You’re likely aware that I spent more than two decades of my life struggling with poor health. I’ve been committed to my health since 2000, and I’ve been able to create a level of wellness and vitality that I didn’t even know was possible at the beginning of my journey.

I’m able to live my life fully now, with purpose and passion, and that’s exactly what YOU deserve too!

So many people are struggling with health challenges and diseases. And the greatest tragedy of all is that many of these issues are preventable. We create them with our unhealthy lifestyles, and not by choice, but because we often don’t know better or we aren’t aware of the full risks of our choices. And to top it off, many people who think they’re making healthy choices are still at risk from what they don’t know they don’t know!

My mission is to change the way you take care of yourself, to reveal all the areas that need your attention, and provide you with amazing support so that you can create a comprehensively holistic and healthy lifestyle. When you prioritize wellness and give your body the attention it deserves, your health will soar. And so will your aspirations and abilities, allowing you to live the life of your dreams!

It’s so easy to get swept along with the day to day busyness and craziness of the world we live in. You must be intentional, educated, and choose wisely to create a different path of wellness and vitality.

The new look of Design Your Healthy Life is more aligned with my passion and mission. My new logo has a softer, more gentle color scheme, which is a better representation of the importance of being kind to ourselves. We have only one body and we are the only ones who can care for it properly. The addition of the mandala represents the search for completeness and self-unity, our journey through life, and our connection to the universe. And the shimmery colors are a reminder that light is everywhere, offering a constant source of beauty and personal power. And the website has been fully updated as well. When you have a moment, have a look around!

Given the seriousness of poor health, a new look seems trivial in comparison. I have so much more than that to share with you! I’ve been hard at work for months now, redesigning my services. As soon as those are ready, you’ll be the first to know.

For now, know that I am always here for you and encourage you to reach out anytime you need something. If I can’t help you, I often know who or what can. When I first started on my journey, it was a very lonely path. A guide or friend traveling the same path would have been a godsend. It would be an honor for me to be that person for you.