My most recent guest on the Design Your Healthy Life live show is the lovely Victoria Whitfield. Victoria is incredibly uplifting, enthusiastic and aligned. We spoke about her journey from toxic doer to healing, why people started offering her money for sharing what was helping her, and how that grew into her current business. She now serves others to move away from stress and into alignment and connection with their own unique brilliance.

We also discussed marketing, and being turned off by being sold or asked to promote something you aren’t familiar with or believe in. And how different it feels to come from a place of integrity and allow that to naturally evolve into recommending other services and products for the highest good of everyone.

Click the video to watch, or the audio file below to listen:

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These conversations are so much fun for me! I hope they expand your mindset about what is possible for your health and inspire you to take the next best steps towards excellent self-care and designing a life you love.

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