Healthy eating is a huge piece of a healthy lifestyle and there are a lot of hidden dangers in the food supply that can put your health at risk. Today I’ll be sharing the dangers of antibiotics in the food supply and how to avoid them. And I’ve created a free tool for you to assess your knowledge so that you can be sure you are aware of all the hidden dangers. You can access it here.


Hi there, it’s Elaine Gardner. I’m the founder of DesignYourHealthyLife.com and the creator of a new free report called You Are What You Eat: Hidden Dangers in your Food. We’re all aware that eating healthy is a vital part of feeling healthy and our ability to be at our best, but our food system lacks transparency and is really complex. So one of my goals is to educate people and help you understand whether or not you’re actually eating properly or whether there are hidden things in our food supply that you’re unknowingly ingesting that could be putting your health at risk.
We all know to avoid processed sugars and to eat our veggies and things like that. But there are so many things in the food supply that people don’t talk about on a day to day basis. So that’s why I’m here today, and the first thing I want to talk to you about is antibiotics. You’re probably aware of healthy gut flora or good gut bacteria. It’s been talked about a lot in recent years so most people are aware that they need to have healthy microbes in their gut environment in order to have good health.
While the research is still new, there’s a ton of it showing that having healthy microbes in our gut affects every aspect of our health. From our ability to get and maintain a healthy weight, to our moods, and certainly for our digestion and immune system health because, while estimates vary, 70-90% of your immune function actually resides in your gut and is directly linked to having a healthy gut environment. And yet we still have an overuse of antibiotics.
Most people are aware that oral antibiotics can wipe out their gut flora but some people are not aware that there are antibiotics widespread in our food supply. And every antibiotic is different. Oral antibiotics can be really helpful for health conditions but we use a lot of broad spectrum antibiotics, which means that they’re indiscriminant. They take out the bad bacteria and they also take out the good bacteria, and they kind of reset you to ground zero so that you’ve got no good gut flora left. That’s a really difficult place to start because the studies are also showing that, while probiotics can be really helpful, they can’t compensate for what you come into the world with.
Removing the good bacteria that is naturally in your gut is a huge tragedy. Gut flora actually passes from generation to generation, so we’re several generations into weakening our healthy gut bacteria. So you may not have had great gut flora to start with and it may not be as big a tragedy as if you really did have good gut health to begin with. But still, you do want to be aware of that issue and be really careful about your use of oral antibiotics.
So when facing a really risky health situation, maybe discuss with your health practitioner if there’s something that could be more specific and not use those broad spectrum antibiotics that wipe out all the good stuff. But also be aware that antibiotics only work on bacteria. So unless it’s confirmed that your issue is bacterial, if there’s a viral or fungal or parasitic infection going on and you take an antibiotic, it won’t help that issue. So you’ll also want to consider that.
You also want to be aware of where antibiotics are in the food supply so you can really minimize your risk and exposure to those kinds of things in order to maintain and protect your healthy gut flora. All non-organic animal products in the United States food supply have antibiotics. Now that is a really broad statement and there are actually a lot of people who are trying to change the food system by treating animals properly, not using antibiotics or feeding their animals things that will make them sick so that they need antibiotics, but I’m speaking about the commercial food supply here. For general food supply production, animals are not fed properly and are therefore susceptible to infection and disease. This of course causes a high risk of losing profits, so these big commercial feeding operations give antibiotics prophylactically to keep their animals healthy.
So all of this is a big tragedy because those antibiotics are present in the end product – yogurt, cheese, milk, all kinds of meat – anything that was raised commercially is going to come to market full of antibiotics. You consume it just like taking antibiotics, (lesser dosages of course) but still the same problems, especially when consumed regularly or in large quantities. So the first step here is awareness. The way you can avoid this is to purchase organic. Antibiotics are not allowed in organic food production so that really goes a long way in protecting you against unknowingly consuming them in your food.
I hope that’s super helpful for you. I want you to have all the tools that you need in order to get healthy and know how to stay healthy. You need your health in order to live the life that you deserve, and that’s what I want for you.