The Season of Sun for Healing & New Beginnings

The Season of Sun for Healing & New Beginnings

I don’t remember my first introduction to card decks such as Tarot or Oracle cards. Even after I heard of them, it was many years before I understood what purpose they might serve in my life.

I now own three decks. My favorite is a Mermaid Tarot deck by Leeza Robertson, with illustrations by Julie Dillon. I spotted it this past fall at a local expo and couldn’t resist adding it to my collection.

I love pulling a card when I’m trying to come up with a solution, struggling to find meaning in something that’s happening in my life, or to end a great day.

I’d like to share a card I recently pulled with you:

“The sun gives life. It provides energy and warmth for things to grow and thrive. It is one of the key elements of creation along with water and oxygen, which in the shallow, warm waters of the sea are all abundance. Here are the perfect conditions for creation, an auspicious merging of energy provides the exact conditions you need to solve a problem, begin a relationship, or start a new project”.

The past few months have been filled with challenges.

But it’s now the season for the sun to shine brightly, creating space for healing, expansion and new beginnings.

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The Incredible Gift of Questioning Societal Constructs & Your Own Beliefs

The Incredible Gift of Questioning Societal Constructs & Your Own Beliefs

I was raised Catholic and came to believe that some of my thoughts and actions were selfish, shameful and flat out wrong.

I tried to force myself into the box of being a good Catholic girl, and win the approval of my parents and the church, and I wound up making myself miserable.

It wasn’t just the teachings of the church. The rules of family, school and my peers’ expectations also profoundly impacted me.

The result was a very confused and incredibly unhappy young adult with little to no sense of who I was as an individual, or what I really wanted for my own life.

All of this impacted my health dramatically, playing a significant role in the health struggles I experienced.

I didn’t even realize that people had different belief systems or thought differently!

I’ve put a lot of time and effort into understanding the trappings of my conscious and unconscious belief system, what meaning I created out of the experiences I had, as well as reprogramming my nervous system, my body, my beliefs and my life choices to uncover and free “the real me”.

Our right to think for ourselves, to consider whether the status quo is serving us, and move about freely is under attack, all in the context of protecting us from the “enemy” that can result in COVID-19.

I’m not asking or expecting you to agree with my beliefs or choices, however, I can’t encourage you enough to question what you hear, read or currently believe to be true. In relation to what’s unfolding now, and everything else in your life (but not all at once!).

My goal is always to inspire you to take excellent care of yourself so that you can live life on your own terms, with great health and happiness.

You may find, as I have more times than I can count, that my beliefs often differ from “the norm”.

I’m currently having a really hard time with the order to wear a mask and all the sanitation efforts in place.


I want to believe they have been imposed with everyone’s safety in mind. But I question the effectiveness of wearing a mask and have seen research that shows it can be not only ineffective, but harmful.

Depending on what is being worn, there could be chemicals that are being inhaled. And one scientific review I read shows it reduces the availability of oxygen. The implications of that for healthy people are likely small, particularly when a mask is only worn for a short period of time. But for someone with compromised health, it could speed up the disease process. For example, cancer thrives in a low oxygen environment.

What chemicals are being used for sanitation? Chemicals can easily be inhaled and/or absorbed into the body and can lead to all kinds of health concerns, particularly over time as they overwhelm the body’s built-in detoxification pathways and accumulate in bodily tissues. We are already exposed to more chemicals than ever before, so this is an added assault with unknown consequences.

Since I don’t agree with the mask requirement, it feels out of integrity for me to wear one. I’m limiting my time in any situation where I’m forced to wear one, so that I can be aligned with my own beliefs as often as possible.

Honestly, it feels very vulnerable and risky sharing this. I’ve definitely been afraid of being called out in public for not wearing a mask before the mandatory order went into effect. And I’m definitely concerned about pissing people off by sharing my opinion. I’m a sensitive soul and have not yet learned how NOT to care what other people think (I’m working on it).

I do know that the more I consider my own beliefs and make choices that feel aligned for me, the more my health and my life expand.

And that’s what I always want for you, which is why I’m moving through my own discomfort and sharing this with you.

There are many books, techniques and trainings that have supported my curiosity and growth. Two resources I’m currently enjoying are the books, Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, and The Mentor in the Mirror Podcast, hosted by my dear friends Kole and Tah Whitty.

My morning walks also provide me with time to think and explore my own thoughts. I’ve been leaning into slower and simpler, whenever possible, to create space for more reflection and expansion.

My greatest hope is that, this uncertain time that has been a big shift in so many ways, will result in a positive expansion that is truly for the greater good.

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Getting to the Root Cause Is Life Altering, No Matter What Your Concerns or Blocks Are

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Choosing the Right Supplements Can Be an Incredible Tool for Healing & Wellness

Choosing the Right Supplements Can Be an Incredible Tool for Healing & Wellness

In December of 2000, after struggling with my health for more than two decades, I made a commitment to figure out how to end my misery and get healthy.

My youngest son was less than a year old and with two small kids, a part time job with big responsibilities, and a home to care for, I was not attending to my own self-care.

I had crazy muscle spasms and couldn’t get comfortable in bed. Sleeping was difficult, so first, I purchased a new mattress.

Next, having been an athlete for many years, it was natural that my mind defaulted to adding exercise. So when a new Pilates studio opened up in my neighborhood, I signed up for a weekly class. I shared my struggles with my instructor and she recommended a practitioner a few towns away.

I was more than willing to try anything non-invasive and did not hesitate to schedule a visit, even though I really had no idea what they did. I had a whole-body evaluation, learned which of my organs and glands were not working as well as they could be, and was given a recommended supplementation schedule and follow-up visits.

My symptoms began to ease right away, and my love affair with nutritional supplements was launched. Taking supplements was simple, cost effective and non-invasive. And it was working!

As my knowledge of holistic healing deepened, I was completely shocked and horrified to uncover the truth about supplements!

Many of the products that had started my healing path were synthetic – made in a lab from non-food ingredients, often sourced from such unsavory ingredients as petroleum byproducts and genetically modified corn. Others were made from inflammatory and genetically modified oils such as soy and corn.

There is no denying that they helped me, at least temporarily. But as I sought to understand supplements, I came across a few companies that do things differently, sourcing their ingredients from food or other organic matter whenever possible.

These products became my personal favorites. They allowed me to break through a plateau I had reached. And when I started my own practice, I saw the incredible healing they provided my clients.  

They also provided the immense comfort that I could continue to heal, without exposing myself to ingredients that wouldn’t serve me long term.

Because the products I use are only available through practitioners, I kept searching for something that anyone could buy, that I could feel confident recommending. I always want an option to share when it comes up in conversation outside of my practice.

I’ve been incredibly disappointed that there are so many inferior products. And these are the most widely available options; most stores’ shelves are loaded with them.

Over the past few years, I’ve seen a few companies pop up that have caught my attention. I am beyond pleased to see that there are now several with high-quality products that I’m excited about!

One of the companies I’ve been thrilled to learn more about is Upgraded Formulas. I had the pleasure of interviewing their founder, Barton Scott. If you’d like to hear what he has to say, and how Upgraded Formulas’ products are different, you can watch the live interview or listen to the podcast episode below:

I’ve tried two Upgraded Formulas products so far and they feel good in my body. I’ll continue exploring their mineral formulas personally and evaluating which high quality products provide my clients the best possible results.

If you’d like to try their products, use the code BARTON10 at checkout for a 10% discount. (I’m not an affiliate and will not receive any compensation if you purchase any products from them).

Throughout my years in private practice, I’ve had countless people ask me why they can’t get all the nutrients they need from food. I believe that is the design of nature. After all, humans survived for a long time on food alone. While there may be a few isolated tribes living today that can achieve excellent health without supplementing, for most of the world, it’s just not possible anymore. The reasons are complex (if you’d like me to cover the details, hit reply and let me know).

If you’re taking a supplement and aren’t familiar with the quality standards of that company, I can’t encourage you enough to take the time to understand whether you’re getting what you think you are, and if it’s providing the intended benefit.

Reach out to me anytime with any questions you have.

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Getting to the Root Cause Is Life Altering, No Matter What Your Concerns or Blocks Are

Getting to the Root Cause Is Life Altering, No Matter What Your Concerns or Blocks Are

Many of my friends, clients and colleagues have faced health challenges. Most of us experienced a combination of physical and mental symptoms, along with the difficulty of wading through treatments and recommendations, before finding the magical, customized path to healing and freedom.

The common thread I’m finding in all of these stories is a deep inner knowing that the despair and pain of poor health is NOT the destiny intended for us. Those who make the commitment to find wellness are deeply rewarded. Those who settle, miss out on the many transformative options available today.

Like me, Marina Brooks was unwilling to settle. Depression, and a lackluster response to traditional approaches, led her to discover Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). It became her healing solution and led her to a beautiful relationship with her now husband, as well as a career that enables her to share the beauty of healing and expansive personal growth.

I hope you enjoy hearing Marina’s story as much as I did.

Click below to watch the live interview or listen to the podcast:

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Your Health, Your Body & the Wild Crazy Journey We Call Life

Your Health, Your Body & the Wild Crazy Journey We Call Life

Many years ago, people lived in tribes and had easy access to a healer within their own group. The healer served the entire tribe without monetary support.

Allopathic medicine dominates our world today. Everyone has a right to medical services, but not everyone is insured. And for those who do have insurance, reimbursements vary and not everyone has the ability to pay for co-payments or meet deductibles.

This creates a huge divide in how people choose medical support. It affects our willingness and preparedness to pay for medical services that are not covered, or are only partially reimbursed by health insurance.

With the (often shocking) cost of medical services, it’s no wonder people choose providers and services that are covered by their health insurance!

All of this, and much more, has created the mindset, habits and system that steer us away from thinking more deeply about our own bodies, to seek attention only when things aren’t going well, and then choose the most affordable service without knowing if it will truly provide what is needed to relieve suffering.      

With the threat of succumbing to a virus glaringly obvious right now, the weakness in this approach is magnified.

No matter how accurate or misleading the information and statistics show, it’s clear that those most at risk are the ones who were already not doing well.

There are many people in the process of developing disease that are unaware of it in this moment. In time, it will escalate and cause symptoms that lead them to seek medical intervention, but their risk from being negatively affected right now is also high.

Many more people are coasting along thinking they are just fine, but their bodies still aren’t as strong as they could be. They too are more susceptible to the ill effects of viruses, than people who have chosen a proactive lifestyle that makes them stronger than most.

Willingness to invest in your health, no matter what is going on in the world, provides much more than just improved health. When your body is strong and healthy, you’ll be able to weather the challenges that come your way with greater ease and a higher degree of certainty that the outcome will be positive.

Choosing a healthy lifestyle is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. It brought me out of significant health struggles and the daily misery they caused. It brought my brain back so I could think for myself, enhance my skills, open my own business and live with much greater ease. It brought back joy, the ability to enjoy my family, and a zest for travel and adventure that had been buried in a body just barely getting by.

And NOT ONE of the practitioners or techniques that helped me get my health back were covered by insurance. I dug into savings and got really clear on what my priorities were so that I could continue to invest in my healing.

I didn’t stop investing in myself when my health concerns cleared. I continue to choose a lifestyle that fortifies every aspect of my health. That means spending money on things like organic food, massage, non-toxic products and other items that most people overlook, especially when cheaper options are available.  

Today, these choices provide me with the incredible comfort of knowing that my body is strong enough to handle the current viral threat, which is no small matter considering the fear that many people are faced with.

My entire point boils down to this: Investing in your own health has many, many benefits.

It can save you tons of money over the course of your lifetime by limiting your need for costly medical care.

It can literally save your life.

And in trying times such as these, a strong body is the most protective measure you can have in place.

I hope you’ll consider shifting your mindset and your lifestyle towards healthier options.

You only have one body, it’s the only one you’ll ever get, AND it’s the only vehicle that can carry you through on this wild, crazy journey we call life.


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