A Reactive, Symptom Management Approach May Threaten Your Long Term Health

It’s super helpful to adopt a proactive, long-term mindset when it comes to improving your health and maintaining a high degree of wellness.

How to Take Back Your Health in the Midst of Our Hyper Online Culture

How to Take Back Your Health in the Midst of Our Hyper Online Culture

Computers, email and social media have changed the world. With any change comes the need to examine what is right for you and how to use it to enhance your life.


It’s easy to get stuck on your computer or phone while trying to get stuff done. Email, text messages and social media posts make you feel like you’re staying in touch. But that can also be very isolating and rob you of the connection you need to thrive. Having some distance between unpleasant inquiries, tech support, and a family member who gets on your nerves, can be a good thing.


The topic of connection is coming up over and over again in recent weeks via podcasts I listen to, business teachings & trainings I immerse myself in, and conversations with friends and colleagues. It seems that more and more people are feeling the disconnect that communication through electronic devices can cause. And they’re anxious to get back to authentic relationship building.


I encourage you to consider if you are missing out on the joy of seeing people face to face, or the blessings of hugs and affectionate gestures. There is a magic and flow that happens when you’re spending time with people who get you. Sharing of yourself and your life experiences is greatly enhanced when you have the right people by your side. 


Healthy relationships and authentic connection enhance your health in myriad ways even beyond bringing joy, affection and enhanced life experiences into your world. Your body’s release of neurotransmitters (or feel good brain chemicals) that help you feel happy, safe and calm are supported along with healthy hormone, immune, digestion and whole-body function.


And that’s why your ability to create positive connections is SO important to me. You know I want you to have the amazing health you need to live the life you desire. And it truly can’t be done optimally without wonderful people in your life.


Our survival once depended on cooperation and group effort. Early humans were limited to the group they were born into, or had minimal ability to change tribes based on physical locations.


Now we can choose who we hang out with, confide in and travel this magical, messy journey of life with. And we have the ability to stay connected with social media and wonderful tools like video conferencing, so we have the best of both worlds to take advantage of.


Healthy relationships require effort. Nurturing and deepening your relationships with people who have your back is worthy of your time and efforts.


Allowing space for amazing relationships can shift your health and every aspect of your life.

Your Efforts to Be in Charge of Your Own Health Are More Important Than Ever

Your Efforts to Be in Charge of Your Own Health Are More Important Than Ever

I love a good story! It’s one of the many reasons I’m a Netflix fan (commercial free is also critical for me!)


I’ve been enjoying Madam Secretary, and working my way through new episodes lately. I am inspired and encouraged to see a strong woman navigate highly complex and heated situations with expertise, calm and grace.


But one episode really bothered me, and I can’t get it off my mind. Then I realized how well it illustrates an important issue you should be aware of.


The episode goes through the story of two children who develop the measles. One has been vaccinated and the other has not. The Mom of the vaccinated child is told that the vaccine is only 93% effective, and why her daughter was still susceptible. This young girl becomes very ill but recovers.


The unvaccinated child also becomes seriously ill. Her Mom is told that she will suffer irreparable damage from having the measles for the rest of her life. She is heartbroken (of course) and expresses dismay over having chosen not to vaccinate. She is portrayed as following the opinions of others that have had trouble with vaccinations, as opposed to making an educated decision. She decides to publicly share her story (as offered by the governmental offices pursuing high vaccine compliance) to warn others that the risks from measles are even more dangerous to anyone who has not been vaccinated.



Each of these scenarios is possible, but there was a lot of important information left out. There was only a quick nod to the fact that vaccines are not possible for some people with certain medical conditions.


There was no mention that it’s often not known if you’ll have a reaction to a vaccine until said reaction occurs. And that irreparable damage can happen with just one dose.


There was no mention of safety issues with vaccines, that the full list of ingredients in a vaccine is not offered and that preservatives, heavy metals, etc., contained in a vaccine can be problematic. There’s much more to consider about vaccines, but that isn’t what this story is about.


It’s only meant to provide an example.


When it comes to your health, there are often many possible angles to consider. There’s a lot of misinformation, withholding of information and intentional manipulation. And lately, there’s been outright censorship. Popular search engines are removing “alternative” websites and some social media accounts have been shut down without warning.


This means that your ability to see the many sides that deserve your consideration is compromised. And that the powers that be are making decisions about what information you should and shouldn’t have access to.


This makes it even more important for you to step into your own power, respect and trust your common sense, intellect and instincts, and feel empowered to choose your own path. It can be scary; I’ve been there. And I continue to navigate the unusual path that has led me to amazing health, better relationships and much more joy, fun and fulfillment than I knew was possible. It hasn’t been without doubt, frustration and lots of trial, error and second guessing.


I long to see an end to the division that has recently expanded. I’d love to witness collaboration where we ask intelligent questions that serve more people. Going back to the vaccine example, that might look like this:


Protecting people from disease is a brilliant concept. Are vaccines truly effective in doing so? If not, what could we do different? If yes, are they safe and effective for everyone? If not, is there a way to make them that way? What other things can we do to support health and disease prevention?


I hope that day comes sooner than later. For now, know that I am always here for you. I don’t have all the answers, but I’ll tell you when I don’t know something, why I think and recommend what I do, what my personal and professional experience has been, and how it might serve you.


You are the only one who can decide what is right for you, with your health and every other aspect of your life.


Your health and your desire to live an amazing life matter to me!

When It Comes to What You Eat, Are You Focusing on the Right Questions?

When It Comes to What You Eat, Are You Focusing on the Right Questions?

If you’re confused about what to eat, adjusting your thought process and mindset can lead to the solutions that work best for your unique body.

Why Your Health, And Your Attention To It, Is The Base Of Your Life

Why Your Health, And Your Attention To It, Is The Base Of Your Life

A few weeks ago, I had a visual pop into my head in the middle of the night. I was inspired to sit up, pull out my journal, turn on my bedside flashlight and right it down.

I’ve since come to view the image as a skyscraper. The middle part, where all the floors of the building would be, is all about your life and what you experience on a daily basis:  work, relationships, fun, etc. And that’s where most of us put our focus. 

Your physical and mental health are represented by the foundation of the building, the part that’s underground and not typically visible. Without the proper foundation, everything above is at risk. The building will be compromised and could sink or collapse if the builders neglect to build a proper foundation. 

When I started my own healing process in 2000, I was focused intently on my physical health. I started with exercise, supplementation and bodywork, and experienced some quick wins that inspired me to keep going. 

As my health improved, I completely overhauled my diet, personal care products, and household cleaning products to find the best options available to support my other efforts. I became very mindful of my home environment and chose non-toxic and healthy options for furniture, bedding, etc., whenever possible. 

My health continued to dramatically improve and I was further inspired to see how much farther I could take it. 

When I started addressing my mental, emotional and spiritual health, and examining my beliefs, thoughts, emotions and actions, I was able to reach a whole new level of health. It opened my eyes to how limited our perception of health really is and how much we are missing out on by overlooking these foundational aspects of our health that affect every other aspect of our lives. 

At the top of my diagram, you can see a circle that I labeled “higher consciousness” (misspelled in the middle of the night). We have the ability to see all of what’s going on, find what’s being overlooked and/or neglected, and shift anything we desire. 

And this is where the magic happens. Unlike a building foundation that can only be built before the rest of the building, we have the ability to examine, shift and change every aspect of our health on an ongoing basis. 

Those efforts directly impact, and have the ability to significantly enhance and constantly upgrade, every other aspect of our life. And this is how you can create the life of your dreams! 

I can’t encourage you enough to deeply consider your “foundation”. You can put a lot of effort into some aspects of your health and the life you’ve created and desire, and still be at risk if and when other pieces of your foundation have been overlooked or are being neglected. 

Awareness is the first step. Creating a plan to strengthen what weaknesses you discover comes next. 

Sometimes the answers are obvious and easy, and other times that are elusive. Action is always easier when you have the right guidance and support in place. 

Let me know what comes up for you so I can point you in the right direction to take action on what you discover.

The Incredible Power (And Pain) Of Your “Inner World”

The Incredible Power (And Pain) Of Your “Inner World”

There’s so much drama, fear, stigma, lack of expression, judgement and restricted communication in our world.

Being sucked into that vortex and living your life from that place comes with a huge cost. It can override your senses, suppress your true nature and hide your gifts and talents.

It can also shut down your ability to let your emotions flow and understand what they mean. Your emotions help you concentrate your time and energy in ways that feel good to you, enhance your own life experience and allow you to be a force for good. Suppressing them can make you judge yourself harshly and subdue important aspects of who you are.

This can create numbness and an inability to make important life decisions, leaving you full of regret when you reach the end of your time here on our magnificent, complicated planet.

I was raised with the motto, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. While this is great at supporting peace and calm in a household of eight, it wasn’t great for acknowledging and accessing my own emotions and the power they hold. It severely limited my ability to understand others’ perspectives and how to communicate openly and clearly in times of irritation, anger or hurt. And it held me back from finding my own voice and getting to know myself.

My teenage years were particularly challenging as I tried to figure out who I was and how to find my way in the world. I had no idea how to understand and process my own emotions and how to talk openly with others. I made poor choices and lacked connection to the type of intuition and inner knowing that would have allowed me to take advantage of wider opportunities. It robbed me of creating healthy relationships, especially with myself; and it went on like that for years.

I’m not under any delusions that choosing a different path is easy. I started to explore all aspects of my health and my life in my early 20’s, and haven’t stopped since. Right now I’m facing the difficulty of more deeply navigating my “inner world”, as in my emotions and my intuition. I’ve come to realize this is a huge pain point for me as I had no idea how to up-level this area of my life.

However, I’m uncovering some simple solutions. For example, I often try to do too many tasks simultaneously in a short period of time, causing myself unnecessary stress and ridiculous self judgement (which now seems SO silly after bringing awareness to this destructive habit).

I’m having conversations with myself, literally asking myself what I’m feeling (often while I am driving or walking), what my concerns and fears are, and where they come from. I stick with it until I understand where I’m at and how I want to proceed.

I’m summoning my courage to speak up, personally and professionally, knowing that our cultural and societal ideas of health and expression are way too limited and cause distress, heartache, regret, illness and disease. Our beliefs, thoughts, emotions and choices all emit chemicals in our bodies that change how our bodies operate, for better or worse.

You can eat all the right foods, move your body in the right ways, live in a healthy home, etc., and still be sabotaging your health. If you’re suppressing your emotions, operating from beliefs that don’t serve you, making choices based on familial and societal teachings that you didn’t consciously choose, or generally forgetting that you are in charge of all of those things, then it’s time to consider how this may be affecting you.

Making mistakes, showing up fully as our less than perfect and always expanding selves, and caring deeply, are all part of a beautiful, well-lived life, no matter how messy it may look or feel.

I know I will not always express myself fully or clearly and that I will be judged for how I show up and what I say. In the past, that has made me hold my tongue and hide. I’m ready to be done with that, but putting that into action is scary and uncomfortable.

I’m sure the old patterns will creep up and threaten to pull me down. But I’m determined to stay mindful and forge ahead. I want to play my part in expanding our conversations about what true health means, and that exploring and expressing our beliefs and emotions are integral parts of all that we do.

Far too few of us are actively working towards realizing the incredible depths of our potential. That’s what I find to be the great tragedy of where most people operate from. And we are hijacked each and every day with constant assaults to our focus and intentions.

Today I invite you to allow yourself to reach the places inside yourself you may have lost touch with. You must see all that you are and muck through the uncomfortable stuff in order to experience the most joy and fulfillment in life.

And I want you to be able to live an extraordinary life!