Improving Bodily & Financial Immunity to Weather Tough Times With Ease

Improving Bodily & Financial Immunity to Weather Tough Times With Ease

From the outside, it probably looked like Krisstina had it all.

But things are often not as they appear, and she almost lost the one thing that made all of it possible: her very existence in a physical body.

She spent a massive amount of money getting her health back. And then revamped her entire life with her new understanding of how health is the foundation of everything.

Since Krisstina’s expertise is wealth creation, I invited her to share how:

  • Your beliefs and attitude towards money and the state of your financial health are intimately connected to your ability to thrive and experience true physical, mental and emotional health.
  • Shifting to a proactive mindset and taking action right now, even in the midst of the Corona virus, can change everything.


Click below to watch the live interview with Krisstina Wise or listen to the podcast:

Get Krisstina’s guide to financial immunity, with actions you can take today here. And you can find out more about Krisstina, her other programs and her podcast here.

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An Alternative to Consider in the Midst of Fear & Panic

In preparation for connecting with you today, I took a moment to breathe, check in with myself and pull a card from one of my decks. The message I received felt perfect for sharing:

“…we often have more than we think we do. By taking a mental inventory of all that we have, we come to see we are in a much better place than our fears and doubts want us to believe. Just for today, bless your blessings and then see how you can share them with those close to you and in your local community.”

There are many people being hit really hard with all the changes and uncertainty of the current environment.

I don’t claim to have all the answers on how to get through this. 

But I do know what it’s like to be faced with a big challenge and to choose empowerment over fear. It’s how I overcame 20+ years of struggling with my health. It started with just wanting to be able to enjoy my life, to be the kind of mom I had envisioned for the children I had been dreaming of having. And then following the breadcrumbs that kept showing up for me.

If I had chosen to continue to continue down the more traditional path that I was on, there’s no way I would be where I am today.

Fear and worry limit your possibilities – evaluating and choosing to feel empowered to create a different reality can change everything. 

I invite you to create some quiet time for yourself and just be – to hear your own thoughts, connect with your intuition and your inner power, count your blessings – and then make decisions and new commitments from that space.

More than ever, I encourage you to consider your health and everything in your life that either enhances or interferes with your body’s amazing ability to thrive.

You don’t have to determine what steps to take, so don’t get stuck in the “how”. Just make the commitment for what you want to create and be open to seeing, and taking action, on what starts showing up for you.

Even when the current threat passes, your health will still be threatened by the many toxins and stressors we have in our world. A strong body will always be your best defense.

Connect with me here if you’d like to talk. It would be an honor to be of service during this challenging time.

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When You’re Willing to Explore What Resonates With You, There Are Incredible Resources Available to You

When Uncertainty Strikes, the Comfort of a Strong Body Is a Profound Blessing

When Uncertainty Strikes, the Comfort of a Strong Body Is a Profound Blessing

These are trying times.

Fear, panic and uncertainty are everywhere.

Everyone across the globe is being affected. And the economic implications of the response to this virus will likely last much longer than the threat of ill health.

Your reactions and ability to see this through can reveal your individual strengths and weaknesses, and showcase where you can course correct and create a new reality going forward.

If you’re afraid of becoming ill, this is an opportunity to shift your priorities and make a bigger commitment to your health moving forward.

A strong body is more resistant to viruses, other harmful microbes, and diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes and more. And when you do get sick, which can be a normal, healthy response in a world full of microbes, it will likely be mild and something you’ll easily recover from.

If you’re panicked about finances because your work has shut down, this is an opportunity to evaluate whether your work makes you happy, if you have greater earning potential than you’ve allowed yourself to step into, if you’re overspending in areas that aren’t contributing to the vision you have for an amazing life, if a bigger savings account would provide peace of mind when situations such as these arise, and so much more. Perhaps you’ve never considered before how much your finances are intricately linked to your overall health.

My biggest concern is access to the high quality, nutrient dense food I rely on to feel my best. I’ve purchased the fresh fruits and veggies I need for the next week or so. I’ve done my usual freezer stocking of grass-fed beef and properly raised chicken and pork. I bought a few extra bags of frozen organic berries, a 5 lb. bag of sprouted brown rice, and a few extra boxes of organic brown rice pasta. I also placed an order with Daily Harvest to have ready-to-make organic smoothies as additional back up.

And now I’m settling in and waiting to see how all of this unfolds.

I’m not concerned about being exposed to the virus or getting sick. I know my body is strong and capable of handling it. That peace of mind is an immense blessing that I am extremely grateful for.

I have no doubt that there are many more thoughts and fears that may be popping up for you.

I’ve been considering how I can do more to support others, which would mean a lot to me.

I’ve opened up time on my schedule and invite you to reach out to me to connect. You don’t need to have any specific agenda or needs to reach out.

Perhaps you’re feeling stressed and need to vent or have someone talk you through what you can do to support yourself and your family.

Or maybe you’re looking to reevaluate your priorities and need a safe space to hear your own thoughts out loud so you can get clear on what you’re looking to create.

Or perhaps you’re in fear and panic and can’t even figure out what you should do right now.

I want to be very clear that I do not have an agenda and will not be pitching or selling anything.

I just want to be of service.

If that speaks to you, you can book a time to chat with me here.

Or feel free to hit reply and send me an email.

I’ll be thinking of you and wishing for the best possible outcome with the quickest resolution, for whatever challenges are coming up for you in this time of uncertainty. 

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How to Increase Your Brain Function & Energy Right Now

How to Increase Your Brain Function & Energy Right Now

Becoming properly hydrated and developing the daily habits necessary to maintain excellent hydration is one of the simplest and fastest habits you can begin implementing right away to increase your mood, energy and focus.

“Studies show that even mild dehydration (1-3% of body weight) can impair many aspects of brain function.

In a study of young women, fluid loss of 1.36% after exercise impaired both mood and concentration, and increased the frequency of headaches.

Another similar study, this time in young men, showed that fluid loss of 1.59% was detrimental to working memory and increased feelings of anxiety and fatigue.

A 1-3% fluid loss equals about 1.5-4.5 lbs. (0.5-2 kg) of body weight loss for a 150 lbs. (68 kg) person. This can easily occur through normal daily activities, let alone during exercise or high heat.

Many other studies, ranging from children to the elderly, have shown that mild dehydration can impair mood, memory and brain performance.” 1


It is commonly known that human bodies need water to be healthy and that dehydration can be a serious health concern. Many factors will affect the length of time a body can survive without water. But it’s possible to die within a few hours or survive for up to a week as dehydration sets in.

Our bodies can survive a much longer time without food, but this rarely translates into daily habits. Most people consume plenty of food, but often skimp on proper fluid consumption.

There’s also plenty of confusion as to what proper fluid intake is, and what type of beverages can be counted as hydrating. Many of the drinks Americans consume are actually dehydrating. Sugar, caffeine and alcohol pull water out of the body.

With the level of toxins we’re exposed to every day in our food, water, the products we use, the air we breathe, in our work and living spaces and more, we probably need much more water than ever before to support our bodies’ detoxification pathways.

I feel best when I follow this formula: Take your body weight, divide it in 2, and aim to drink that amount in ounces of water daily.

Notice that I’m specifically referring to water. If you consume sugar, caffeine or alcohol, you’ll need to add extra water to your normal daily requirement in order to compensate for the dehydrating properties of those beverages.

Clean water is your best option for hydration, and no other beverage can truly replace water. I’ve heard countless people tell me that they don’t like water. I understand completely, as I used to feel the same way. However, it’s truly a non-negotiable part of a healthy lifestyle, so you must find a way to make it a habit.

There are plenty of water options available these days, from filtered tap water to all kinds of bottled options, so I encourage you to try as many options as necessary to find something you can stick with. If I can develop a habit of proper daily water consumption, anyone can!

1,, January 2020 

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Why It’s Important to Consider the Quality of Your Personal Care Products

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Why It’s Important to Consider the Quality of Your Personal Care Products

Why It’s Important to Consider the Quality of Your Personal Care Products

In my last newsletter, I shared a portion of the available information from one of my favorite resources, The Environmental Working Group. If you missed that post, you can find it here.

After finding the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen lists that they collate each year, I started purchasing much more organic produce, which eventually led to purchasing 100% organic produce. I rarely stray from this commitment.

The next step I took with EWG was to use their Skin Deep Database. Here in the US, the personal care product industry is “industry regulated”. My translation = ZERO regulation.

Personal care product manufacturers are not required to test their ingredients for safety or any potential increase in toxicity when individual ingredients interact with each other. They don’t even have to list all their ingredients on product labels! So even a master chemist, with a full understanding of all the listed ingredients, could easily be fooled into purchasing something less than optimal due to this option of omission.

Another aspect that really upsets me is that many companies in other parts of the world have to adhere to stricter standards than here in the US. So they know how to make better quality products but often choose not to when it’s not required. Why? It costs more to make better quality products, which means companies make more money when they use cheaper, lower quality ingredients.

Why should you care? After all, millions of Americans use numerous personal care products every day and “seem fine”.

However, anything you put on your skin gets absorbed into your body. Toxins contribute to a whole host of potential health problems, including cancer. Exposing yourself to toxins can slowly decrease your body’s ability to properly detoxify. Toxins build up over time, little by little, weakening your vital functions and slowly creating health conditions that can take years to fully manifest. Feeling fine today is not a good measure of whether or not something is safe to use.

I changed all of my personal care products many years ago. It was quite a revelation to realize what I was exposing myself to on a daily basis. I dug into the EWG Skin Deep Database and transitioned all of my products one by one, as my less than ideal products started to run low.

There was definitely some trial and error to this process, to find products that worked well for my unique skin and hair, etc.

Hair care products have been my biggest challenge. My curly hair is very prone to dryness and frizz, and many products strip my hair and make it completely unmanageable. I need lots of conditioner but it can’t be too heavy.

Deodorant is another category that appears to be highly individualized. What works well for one person may be completely ineffective for another.

The first step I encourage you to take is to make a full inventory of what you have on hand. Look up all your products on the Skin Deep Database and note which ones you’re using that rate well and which are loaded with toxins. If you can’t find your specific product listed in the database, you can plug in the individual ingredients and get a sense of the potential toxicity of the product.

Don’t forget to consider what your hair stylist, aesthetician or any other professionals use on you! (Hair color often contains a lot of risky chemicals, one of the many reasons I allowed my hair to transition to natural gray).

Use the database to view healthier alternatives and begin replacing all of your personal care products (haircare, lotions, makeup, deodorant, toothpaste, etc.) with the cleanest possible options.

Their online database is user friendly and they have an app that you can download to your phone. It has a bar code scanner so you can even scan products right at the store. If they’re in the database, the product will pop right up on your screen and you’ll know quickly and easily whether or not it’s well rated and worth your consideration.

You may have to change where you shop, but worth your efforts to do so! I purchase many of the products I use online.

What EWG has undertaken with this database is an enormous task. There are gaps in the information presented, which is indicated within their ratings. But it is still an excellent tool for evaluating and finding non-toxic options in personal care products.

Creating true health requires effort and a deep look into all aspects of your life. Don’t underestimate the importance of choosing high quality personal care products.

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