EMF’s, or electromagnetic frequencies, are becoming more widespread. Studies are finding that cell phone use is connected to brain tumors. Awareness is the first step and there are some easy steps you can take to reduce your exposure and protect your health.


     Hey there, it’s Elaine Gardner. I’m the founder of DesignYourHealthyLife.com. I want to share something with you that’s really important to your health that you may or may not be aware of. EMF’s, or electromagnetic frequencies, are becoming more and more common. In general, we have a mindset as a society that if something is available for purchase, that it’s already been tested and proven to be safe. But sadly that is not the case with everything. And it can take decades before the health risks of certain issues become known and available to the public.

     Take tobacco for instance, and cigarette smoking and cigar smoking. When those things first came to market they were advertised as being super healthy for you. Now, even people who smoke are well aware of the health risks of smoking, including cancer, lung issues, emphysema, COPD, and so on. So I just want to bring that up as a point that awareness often takes a long time to come around. I think that radiation and electromagnetic frequencies are some of those things that we’re just starting to scratch the surface of understanding what the risks are.

     And what the heck is an electromagnetic frequency or an EMF?? This is something typically associated with our wireless and cell phone technology. It’s invisible so we can’t see it, and we don’t know when we’re exposed to it. I think in the beginning, a lot of the information about the potential health risks of EMF’s was being suppressed, and now I’m seeing with greater frequency that more and more studies are showing the risks of exposure to EMF’s from our cell phones, cell phone towers, and wireless in public and in schools. And we’re surrounded by this now because it’s incredible technology that has changed our lives. And we can’t see it, and we can’t necessarily feel any immediate risks, so we assume that it’s safe.

     I absolutely love my iPhone for many different reasons. One of my favorite things is the ability to text my children so when they’re out and about in the world, they don’t have to call me. They can text me easily without having to tell their friends that they’re texting their parents, and I know where they are and I know that they’re safe. I know when they’re coming home and really, I think that’s why I fell in love with the technology to begin with.

     But I also like to travel a lot for work and I love having my iPhone with me so that I not only have access to my voicemail and my text messages, but my emails as well, without having to carry a computer with me. I can do all the things that I need to do while I’m away without having to carry a computer. So it keeps me connected and it’s very small and convenient and just an incredible tool to have.

     My oldest son is traveling this year and is in the Philippines for nine months. Before he left, he installed the Find Friends application on my phone. So when he has cell phone service while he’s away in the Philippines, I can actually see where he is. As a parent, I miss my son desperately, and it’s just so comforting and reassuring to see him pop up on my screen sometimes so I know where he is and know that he’s safe, even if he doesn’t have the service to be in touch with us. So I just love that.

     And so I’m not encouraging you to be without this great technology that enhances our lives and makes things so much easier, but to really be aware of it and take some simple steps to protect yourself from it. One of the easiest things that you can do is not talk on your cell phone a lot, and when you do, to keep it away from your head. You can do that by using headphones or using speakerphone. So speakerphone usually tends to be my method of choice. I don’t often have my headphones with me and don’t talk on the phone a lot, and it’s super easy to put the speakerphone on. I can be working at my computer while talking with somebody and referencing information that we’re discussing. I can hear the other person, they can hear me, but my cell phone isn’t right next to my head.

     The evidence is suggesting that having the cell phone really close to your head, particularly up by your ear, is contributing to some very rare brain tumors and is also affecting the heart as well. So one of the suggestions I see a lot is just keeping the cell phone away from your body. I also have some very inexpensive cell phone shields or EMF shields. I have one on my laptop, I have one on my cell phone, I have one on my iPod (which I hardly use anymore), and I have some in my office. I don’t know the exact science behind these electromagnetic shields or protective shields, but what they do is intercept or deflect the incoming invisible waves and shift them in a way that renders them harmless to the body.

     There are some really expensive ones on the market, but I get very affordable ones from a company that I love called Safe Connect Plus+. I’ve been using their products for years. I don’t even remember where I was initially introduced to them, but they have a lot of inexpensive cell phone shields, laptop shields, and things of that nature that are under $100, and I have found them to be very effective. I use muscle testing in my clinical nutrition practice with my private clients and have the opportunity see whether these shields are effective or not, and they definitely are! So I would definitely encourage you to protect yourself against EMF’s. Even though they’re invisible, they can affect your health.

     I want to share with you a couple of examples from some of my clients. A few months ago I had a client come in and she was having pain in her back, right around her kidneys. She had been with me for a while and things were going really well for her and this was an unusual development. So using my test kits in my muscle testing protocol, I tested her and radiation toxicity came up. So we started to discuss her cell phone use. I asked if she was sleeping with or near her cell phone, and she said, “You know the funny thing is that I rarely even have my cell phone on me during the day, but found this really wonderful meditation app that I’ve been using. I’ve been falling asleep to it at night and then waking up with my cell phone underneath me.”

     Low and behold, when she started thinking about the position that she was in when she was waking, her cell phone was actually underneath her body in the area of her kidneys, overnight, all night long. And the kidney pains developed within the first couple weeks when she started doing this. So what I recommended was, if the meditation was something that she could only access online, she should find another way to access it, either via CD or something of that nature. But if it was downloadable to her phone, then she could put her phone on airplane mode and still listen to the meditation without putting herself at risk.

     So another fantastic trick is to switch your phone to airplane mode anytime you don’t need to have Wi-Fi access and the electromagnetic frequencies will be turned off, instantly stopping that exposure. So overnight, keep your phone on airplane mode or turn it off entirely if you don’t need it in any way. And so she followed my instructions and sure enough, the next time I saw her, the radiation toxicity had cleared. We also did some nutrition work for it as well, but it had cleared, she had come up with a new habit, and the kidney pain was gone.

     And just last week I had someone come in, which reminded me that I should share this information with you. A woman who has been with me for a while was doing really fantastic, but she came in last week and said, “I’m having mid-cycle ovarian pain. I can feel when I’m ovulating.” So I checked her ovaries and they tested weak and weren’t fully functional, and again, radiation toxicity came up from my test kits in my muscle testing protocols. As I was testing her, I looked over at her left arm and saw that she had an Apple watch on, so I asked if she wears it all the time. She said, “I have been lately because I have a new job and I’m not allowed to have my phone on me while I’m at work, but I want to be able to get information about my children in case anyone needs me or anything is going on during the day while I’m working.”

     I noticed that when she held her arm down and swung it across the front of her body, her Apple watch was actually crossing over her body, right over the area where her ovaries are, all day long. And boy, you should have seen her face. The light bulb went off and she said, “Oh my goodness, that makes so much sense! Now I know I’m exposing myself to those EMF’s all day long while I’m working and I can see how it’s interfering with my ovarian function.” So we’ve started doing some work to strengthen her ovarian function and she won’t wear that Apple watch except when she’s working, and she’s going to be more mindful about how it crosses her body to see if she can eliminate that.

     So I hope those examples give you some really good fuel so that you know how this works, how I’ve seen it affect some of my private clients, how important it is for you to consider, and some really simple steps that you can take in order to reduce your EMF exposure. Again, exposure occurs anytime you’re talking on your cell phone. So keep it away from your body and if you can, reduce your conversations and opt for more texting and emailing. You’ll have less exposure that way. Turn your cell phone on airplane mode anytime you can, especially overnight. And if you have to keep it on overnight for some reason, keep it away from your head because studies are showing that your brain really absorbs those EMF’s and they can cause a lot of problems for you. Get some really simple and inexpensive cell phone shields or EMF blockers that can attach to your phone, your laptop, and any of your electrical devices where you use Wi-Fi or internet connection regularly.

     I hope that serves you well. My intention is always to provide you with the knowledge, inspiration and resources you need to develop a really healthy lifestyle, have the health that you need, and have the ability to live an amazing life!