My Story


My Story


I started having significant health issues when I was 14. I suffered from severe premenstrual cramps (that once landed me in the hospital with suspected appendicitis), fatigue and intestinal discomfort. And I was highly susceptible to sprains, strains and muscle pain.

Painful, bleeding, receding gums came next, which resolved with surgical gum graphs that involved an incredibly painful injection in the roof of my mouth.

Emotional traumas didn’t help. Most of it was just normal teenage stuff – falling in love for the first time and having that relationship unravel in a way that I did not choose and did not understand, navigating the complexities of the high school social scene, keeping up with sports and school work while trying to figure out who I was and what I wanted to do with my life – I was hurt and confused by all of it.

I also experienced three tragic deaths – a young cousin, my cherished pet dog and my amazing godmother.

Fortunately, I managed pretty well. I remained active, earned good grades and most likely appeared to be a normal, fairly healthy teenager.

Then I slipped the disc in my jaw in my second year of college. Severe muscle spasms, numbness in my arms and hands and constant body aches kicked in. I was prescribed high dose muscle relaxers that provided some relief, but created unpleasant side effects: acid reflux, more intense and more frequent intestinal discomfort, and severe seasonal allergies kicked in.

I managed to survive my 20’s without any further injuries or increased challenges.

I was blessed with a healthy baby boy at age 29. My second son arrived when I was 33 and I took a significant turn for the worse. I had severe muscle spasms that literally made my bed shake. I was in constant physical pain, which made it impossible for me to get quality sleep. I was ridiculously overtired and uncomfortable all of the time.

Every day was an immense struggle.

I desperately wanted to feel good and enjoy my life!

I made a commitment to get better, no matter what. I was done with seeking services that didn’t provide relief, or added to my ongoing misery.

My commitment led me deep into the world of holistic health, which I had started exploring while earning my degree in Health Science. 

There was a lot of trial and error in my journey, but I persisted and figured out how to get well. Each new level of health I achieved increased my desire to keep pushing towards an even greater level of health.

Along the way, I discovered my passion and purpose, which is to change the way people take care of themselves.

I’m incredibly proud of and grateful for what I’ve achieved.