I sent you a newsletter on 9/2/17 that highlighted the book, The Cellulite Myth: It’s not fat, it’s fascia. In that post, I promised I would tell you about the fascia release tool called the Fascia Blaster that the author of that book, Ashley Black, has created. If you missed that post, I highly recommend you read it before continuing. You can find it here.

Since I struggled with significant physical aches and pains for many years, and fascia release was such an incredibly helpful part of my healing process, I was super curious to see what the Fascia Blaster could do. Prior to my introduction to Ashley’s book and tool, I thought fascia could only be released by trained practitioners. And finding a talented, effective practitioner has always been a challenge. Progress required numerous treatments which became time consuming and required a financial commitment.

So I was really excited to consider the possibility of treating my own tight fascia! Initially, I was so skeptical about the potential success of such a tool, based on what I had been previously taught about fascia, that I was put off by the price of the Fascia Blaster. I ordered a cheap imitation from Amazon, but came to my senses before I used it and returned it right away. If I was going to expect results, I needed the real deal tool designed by someone who truly understands fascia.

I’ve been impressed with my results right from the beginning. I had a spot on my ankle that was painful to the touch and super tight for as long as I can remember. No massage, adjustment or fascial release had ever shifted it. However, after using the Fascia Blaster, it is much softer and no longer painful to touch! The appearance of all the skin on my legs, and the tissue underneath, is much smoother. I didn’t have a ton of cellulite or sagging, but what I did have has noticeably improved. But it’s the way that I feel that truly impresses me! I just feel less tense and healthier all around.

In total honesty, the Fascia Blaster is not for the faint of heart. It’s time consuming and blasting tight fascia is uncomfortable. Bruising and soreness are common. I had some significant bruises on my legs in the first few weeks where tight fascia was present. But I’ve only had minor bruising in recent weeks, so I imagine that the bruising will continue to decrease as the tight tissue releases with continued blasting.

My use of the Fascia Blaster has been sporadic. I was very dedicated earlier in the summer and managed several sessions each week for a few consecutive weeks. But then I had several weeks of travel and catching up on life in between trips, and only managed a few sessions here and there. Now that summer is winding down and my routine is stabilizing, I’m working my way back up to several sessions per week. I am pleased to say that I don’t feel like my irregular schedule set me back at all. The progress I’ve made seems to be lasting, and I’m excited to get back to a regular blasting routine and make more progress!

When I started my healing journey and transition to a healthy, non-toxic, holistic lifestyle, I had very little guidance and support. My mission for Design Your Healthy Life is to make it as simple as possible for you to find everything you need to create your own amazing, healthy lifestyle. What resonates and works for me may not be right for you. And there are contraindications with the Fascia Blaster, so it’s definitely not right for everyone. If it speaks to you, then please read the book first and consider whether this tool is something that might serve you well. It’s an honor to support you, but you must be the final decision maker in all aspects of your health.

I hear that Ashley has some type of improvement or new tool in the works with a release date of Black Friday. I don’t know if this is true, but I’ll be watching to see what comes next. I am interested in getting one of her smaller tools so that I can work on areas that are hard to access with the original Fascia Blaster. When I purchased my Fascia Blaster, it was only available at www.fasciablaster.com. They now have a Fascia Blaster bundle available on Amazon, but it is a combination of tools and is more expensive than purchasing the original tool alone from the Fascia Blaster site.

I truly love my Fascia Blaster and am so grateful to Ashley Black for creating such an amazing tool. Releasing tight fascia has been a huge part of my healing process and has brought me tremendous relief and healing. I love having the option to work on my own fascia and move at my own pace in healing this incredibly important aspect of my body!